Cloud Solutions

Run Your Business From Anywhere!

With Google Cloud Solutions, you have all the elements you need to take your business out of the office and to wherever you happen to be. You can do all of this on the go, so that whatever change you make to a document or spreadsheet, whatever email you send, or photo you take, will be synchronized across all your devices.

  • Access emails, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos or videos from anywhere in the world, & on any device
  • Check and send emails
  • Write, edit and save documents, presentations and spreadsheets
  • Manage your calendar and get reminders of meetings
  • Your data is safe & secure from a hard drive crash in the office for example, or a lost phone
  • Manage your accounts and send invoices from anywhere with cloud based accounting apps
  • Storage will never again be a problem with 30Gb of space that comes free with each Google Drive account (easily increased at very little cost)

Microsoft also brings your business out of the office with Microsoft Office 365 which allows you to use Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive. But regardless which company’s applications you prefer, the point is that you can run your entire business from your mobile phone or iPad if you want to.

If you don’t know where to start in this mobile world, I can help you set up your business in the cloud so you can move seamlessly from the office to the coffee shop to the airport , all without missing a beat.

Affordable For The Smallest Business

The cloud reduces the need to invest in costly computing infrastructure. In the not too far distant past only the biggest corporates could afford the complex, sophisticated and expensive server equipment, but those days are long gone. Cloud computing helps you to simplify your business, reduce costs, streamline operations and stay in touch more reliably and all at a price that anybody can afford.

It’s Green

There is another compelling reason to embrace cloud technology. By maximising the use of computer power, it helps to cut the volume of energy your business consumes, while reducing its overall impact on the environment. And that’s an important selling point if you are serious about operating as a truly sustainable business.

Business everywhere is being affected by the energy crisis in the country. When the power goes down, the risks of losing your data goes up. If your data is in the cloud, you can ensure business continuity at all times, and, you can access business data at anytime, from anywhere.

cloud solutions
How Can I Get On The Cloud?

The benefits of cloud computing are clear: lower costs, better management, more control. But, without the right approach and the right partner, it can be a time-consuming challenge. I can help your business become much more efficient by finding the right cloud configuration for you, and implementing the most suitable cloud computing solution that will make it possible to run your business more efficiently and even better, from anywhere!

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