Holiday Property Photography!

“You will never have a second chance to make a first impression”

Our hectic lives mean that as an accommodation provider, you have only a few seconds to catch a potential guest’s attention. Whether it’s a cave or a luxury ocean front villa, powerful, striking and perfectly exposed and aligned photographs, with the proper lighting, are essential to promote any establishment.

Why would anybody spend hundreds of thousands, or even millions of Rands building and equipping the perfect holiday accommodation, yet not make the effort to market it to its best potential? It simply doesn’t make sense to rent out a multi million Rand holiday home but not present it at it’s very best on the web. Nor does it make sense to spend many precious hours creating the perfect venue, and then use an iPhone or compact camera to show it to potential paying guests!

Large companies and corporations spend vast amounts of money on advertising. They use professional photographers, models, and teams of professionals to apply makeup and manipulate lighting so as to exploit the maximum amount of potential from an image, why?

An app or website like Airbnb or is the only marketing tool for many holiday home owners, it follows that all images should be of the best possible quality. The photos are the last component over which you have control before your establishment is presented to the public, it’s your last chance you make your home look amazing for potential guests.

I’ve been marketing holiday accommodation and travel websites for 20 years, and have learnt what works and what doesn’t. I can arrange professional quality photography, at a surprisingly affordable price, to show the best of your establishment. I can also arrange drone photography where it is appropriate, to provide a totally unique aerial perspective of your holiday property.

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